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The information shared in this website is for the general public with the pure intent of gaining knowledge after a tooth trauma has happened to an individual adult / child. The content here does not deal with bone fractures, jaw fractures, trauma to face, head and neck regions (etc) as they are more exhaustive to provide public information as well as need more immediate hospitalized attention and emergency management.

Ignorance is not Bliss


Providing vital information to the general public regarding trauma to teeth.


Right tooth trauma management at the right time, at the right place, for the right tooth.

Places of Fall

Trauma to teeth occur during outdoor play, travel, any object hit and it can occur due to a slip fall, jump (ect). It can also happen inside a home environment due to a fall while learning to walk by a toddler. There have been multiple reports of trauma due to child abuse also.

Nature of fall

Tooth trauma can occur in various stages and forms. Either it is a chip of crown portion of the tooth or there could be a fracture at various parts of the root. Sometimes there is loosening of the tooth (luxation) injury. More commonly there could be a blunt hit on the tooth which regime no intervention immediately. But may require intervention in the later part of their life because of the impact happened 5 to 10 years back. In this scenarios the injury to turn fatal to the nerve endings of the tooth takes years thereby resulting in loss of life and colour of the tooth which is called as non-vital tooth. Many an instance these non-vital tooth does not provide any problem ever after the color change but manifest as a cosmetic issue in the front tooth.

Sometimes these non-vital tooth start giving pain, discomfort and needs immediate attention after a few years. In rare instances even though there is change in colour the tooth, does not provide any problem for that individual till the last breath.

Herein we discuss various tooth trauma situations and educate the public regarding the various intervention possibilities in this regard. Sometimes no intervention could be the best solution for that particular problem. So to wrap it up

"Information is bliss in this regard
Ignorance is not bliss in this regard"